Setting up a Home Gym – Equipment Buyer’s Guide

Setting up a home gym takes some research and time – what kind of equipment should one buy, where to buy, how much it will cost to set up a gym and finally the benefits and drawbacks. One should look for gym equipment for sale at gym pros to find these kinds of equipment at low costs.

Pros and Cons of a Home Gym:

The biggest benefit of a home gym is that one doesn’t have to drive anywhere to work out.  Quite a few people get intimidated by serious exercise buffs; getting incorrect training/help is stressful to some others.  Some of the real benefits of a home gym are:

  • Time savings: People who don’t have much time due to a busy job schedule find that they can just get to their workouts when they have the time. They don’t have to drive or even wait for machines to get free.
  • Savings: Gym membership fees can get expensive depending on the number of people in a family who want to use the gym. Gym equipment for sale at gym pros tends to keep its value and generally pays for itself.  Since equipment is owned by just one person, it is easy to sell when one wants to get a new machine.
  • Freedom: Not all gyms have all the equipment that a person wants to use. In many places, due to restricted space people cannot use chalk and do dead lifts.  Home gyms allow people to train the way they want to.

What is needed?

When one is trying to set up a home gym, one has to consider the amount of space required – take into consideration the width, depth and height of a room.  One would need a lot of space to set up weights and other machines to get a comprehensive workout.

Flooring is also of utmost importance.  Plywood and rubber mats can help to protect floors from heavy weights, especially if one is planning to do the dead drop.

The Power rack holds a lot of different weights and it has to be a sturdy one to hold up to 1000 lbs.  Make sure that it has safety pins to keep the shelf stable.  Clips will be needed to hold the weight plates in place on the barbell.

Make sure to talk to a person who is a serious exercise buff to get all the equipment necessary to work out at home. One can spend up to $5000 setting up a comprehensive home gym.

Before choosing any online retailers for buying the fitness equipment, it is always good to check the reviews of the company. Consulting with nearby friends or relatives and also taking references to buy from a known online store helps.