lip laser

Explore the effects of body contouring treatment

Vevazz Lipo Laser uses a 100% laser-based, non-invasive, body contouring, spot fat system. People always have the thought of weight on their mind and therefore, people are always searching for laser body sculpting. The stubborn body areas are great for a Lipo Laser treatment. Many patients lose almost an inch after a couple of treatments. The results may vary. It is a non-invasive method to remove the fat cells. It has 8 pads and each one contain 30 infrared lights if you want to get the possible results.

It is a technological method to remove fat and reduce the cellulite. It is a painless and a non-invasive technique that does not have any side-effects. It is an excellent way of body contouring where there is no involvement of any surgery and this makes it a highly effective procedure compared to liposuction. This system works by giving out the laser light energy. This energy goes deep into the skin of the patient wherein the existing fat cells absorb it. With energy, pores of the fat cells open and glycerol, water, and fatty acids are excreted from the body and processed naturally. This way, the size of the fat cells reduces and body sculpting becomes highly effective.

lip laser


Cellulite is caused due to the toxic effect of the large fat cells that push through the connecting tissue resulting in dimpling effect. Many men and almost 90 percent of women because of the genetic differences experience cellulite in their life at some time or the other. This can happen with a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and diet. To fight cellulite, there are two medical options, one is breaking the tissue. This method is painful because a tissue can be treated painfully. One method that is far less painful and more effective is Vevazz. This method is painless and involves no surgery.

Are side effects involved?

The Lip-Laser method is a non-chemical and a non-invasive treatment and therefore, there are absolutely no side effects from this treatment. But, if you are not well then you can delay the treatment. For this treatment, it is highly important to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and avoid diuretics like coffee, tea, and alcohol. Exercise is also recommended so that your body burns the fat cells. Others methods of fat removal are there but this method is painless, safe and effective. It can help you to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.